Pantea – Director - Research & innovation
" I worked with my consultant to revise my CV and find options for more challenging roles which would allow me to use my skills and capabilities more comprehensively. Working with her was a pleasure as she is professional, knowledgeable and open minded.  Shortly after working together I found exactly the position I was looking for and I have enjoyed each and every challenge of my work since. The one most important thing she taught me, among others, is to appreciate my achievements and feel empowered by them.”
Alistair – Finance
" I spent about 6 weeks in the middle of 2012 working with my consultant in order to ready myself for a change in career. At times what she asked me to do felt daunting but was always enjoyable and certainly helpful. Over those 6 weeks, she taught me much about myself; about recognising and valuing my past contributions and importantly to not be shy about communicating those values and achievements to prospective employers and clients. If you are seeking a new role or considering an alternative career, I can heartily recommend Lateef as a coach of the highest order. Even if you are not looking for a fresh start, I would categorically say that putting in some time with Lateef now would undoubtedly make you a stronger and better individual, at both the personal and professional level".
Peter – Revenue Director
"I consider myself a senior seasoned Executive. I have worked at Board and executive committee level for many years.  In the past I have benefited from CV preparation advice and also coaching on interview preparation. All have been very professional and constructive.  Recently I was fortunate to be introduced to Lateef and I have recommended her to a number of people since then. The reasons: my consultant took this advice and support to a different level of expertise than I had encountered before. My consultant coached, challenged and assisted me in producing a CV that was very well received. Through the process she pulled out the pertinent facts from my career to date and translated them into a succinct impressive document.  When it came to interview preparation I asked to prepare for a specific meeting the advice ensured I was offered the role. This was because I was very well prepared and confident. I was also given good advice on where to focus my energies whilst looking for my career move. All this was done at a pace to suit me but with rigor and pragmatism. I would obviously highly recommend EIC."
Mike – Food Safety and HSE Director
 "I found my consultant to be very inspiring and helped me overcome the daunting challenges of seeking a new senior role in a very competitive market. Each time we met she was well informed, up to date and interested about my personal career situation so I felt well supported.  She gave me sound advice so I was able to go out to the marketplace seeking my new senior role with confidence and all the required skills and techniques to impress and attract real interest from potential recruiters. My consultant is a real people person, so easy to talk to and really understands the business of executive recruitment".
Peter – Engineering, Construction
“I had the pleasure of working with Lateef.  As someone in their early 50’s with several careers in several sectors behind me, primarily mining and highway operations, returning from an extended period overseas, with the objective of re-entering the UK job market during an extended recession and at the same time completing an MBA dissertation, I was struggling on two fronts and needed to focus and prioritise, with lapsed and dormant networking capability and a CV that read like War and Peace.  
My consultant gave me the focus and encouragement to;
Develop my job search tools  resulted in me securing interviews immediately, I  gained  self awareness and marketing skills in presentation, identifying personal traits, honing strengths and the accentuating the importance of preparation.
The personal touch of Lateef, coupled with her strength of character and directness, she politely kept me focused and positive without injuring my pride or ego, but leaving me in no doubt that perhaps I should listen and reconsider how I was approaching the task in hand and for that I shall be eternally grateful.
I would not hesitate to recommend and endorse Lateef as an exceptional career consultant"
Samantha – Public sector
After working in the same organisation for 8 years, the concept of looking for a new job and attending interviews was daunting for me.  When I started to look for the job I realised my confidence had been affected, as I received no response from my CV’s and job application submissions.  The recruitment field has changed over the last eight years and I felt as though I was out of touch with the world of recruitment.  Since meeting with my consultant my confidence has grown in several ways, such as marketing myself, seizing the opportunity, when apparent to network, improve my confidence in interviews and change my business attire.  After working with my consultant the first CV and letter that was sent out to potential employers, lead to an interview and a network meeting with a prestigious organisation
Andrew – Creative Branding, Luxury/Boutique market
"A professional in the Brand building business I have always found it easy to promote client projects, products and ideas. However when it came to myself I had never had to self-promote. Suddenly finding myself at a career crossroads and lacking a certain self-confidence and clarity my career consultant mentored me to understand what actually are my skills and abilities in a coherent and clear manner. Developing my confidence and identifying a clear objective to tap into the unadvertised job market alongside role play and interview coaching to be comfortable with networking to tackle the job market".
Eric – Director -Technology and Software
"My career management consultant was very helpful in helping me understand all aspects of performing a good interview. I have had and conducted many interviews during my career but there were still many things that I learnt during our sessions that helped me become more confident and in control. 
I consider myself a sales and marketing professional but I never really had to market myself. My consultant was extremely competent in defining the plan with me and advising me on the best ways to position myself in the market, create the appropriate CV, identify the job opportunities at the right level, research the people and the companies and conduct good interviews. 
It took me 6 months to find a senior position with a leading company in the software industry but this is what I wanted.  The sessions with EIC were always insightful, stimulating and I always left more motivated, which for me was a big plus. I strongly recommend Lateef as a career consultant at a senior level. “